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Performance System

Performance System

Each system is manufactured using the latest development in conveying and power transmission components to provide long life, easy maintenance and dependable performance. All components are standard parts and readily available to provide continuous car flow through your facility.
Plastic chain designed for durability and Long Life from Rexnord®

Rexnord 6995 (Solid Top) MatTop Chain
Rexnord 6995 (Blue) MatTop Chain
Rexnord 6999 MatTop Chain
Rexnord T1 or T2 Vehicle Pushers
Rexnord 3125 MatTop Chain
Power and reliability with every system

Rexnord 5996-14T Split Sprocket
Falk™ Ultramite™ Drive
Rexnord® Bearing
Link-Belt® Bearing
Falk™ Wrapflex® Coupling

Plastic MatTop® Chains

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Rexnord® 6995 and 6999 MatTop® Chain - 415 KB pdf

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Car Care Using MatTop® Chains - 871 KB pdf

Building a Classic Car Spa - 18.6 MB pdf

Classic Car Spa Cleans Up with MatTop® Chain - 181 KB pdf

Ultramite Electric Gear Drive Units

Falk Ultramite® Installation & Maintenance Instructions - 576 KB pdf

Ultramite Catalog - 1.34 MB pdf

Ultramite Dimensions - 78 KB pdf

Ultramite Oil Information - 286 KB pdf