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Duro Trac™ Conveyor Systems

Duro Trac™ conveyor systems provide long life, easy maintenance, and dependable performance.
Interior Detail Conveyor
Dual Lane Exterior Wash Conveyor
Single Lane Exterior Wash Conveyor

Interior Detail Conveyor Benefits:

  • Customer Friendly - Cars can be easily driven onto the plastic chain
  • Easy Loading - Cars can be spaced at any interval
  • Increased Productivity - Each detail step can be coordinated with the conveyor speed
  • Reduced Maintenance - Conveying surface stays clear and clean
  • Safe Operation - Workers and vehicles move in unison
  • Simple - Drive and idler shafts are only load dependent rotating parts
  • Smooth - Plastic chain moves quietly and reliably
  • Worker Safety - Walking is reduced and workers can concentrate on detailing requirements

Exterior Wash Conveyor Benefits:

  • Customer Friendly - Customers easily drive their vehicles directly onto the plastic chain. Multiple color schemes provide visual assistance and enhance the appearance of your facility
  • Dependable Performance - Plastic chains are designed to handle the wet harsh environments of exterior wash tunnels. Soap and water provide lubrication and cleaning for the chain to actually increase life
  • Eliminate Tire Guide Rails (Dual Lane) - Vehicle is carried through wash tunnel eliminating need for tire guide rails. Single Lane tire guide rail height is only 3"
  • Maximum Vehicle Loading - Wide chain surface provides easy loading and unloading of vehicles at entrance and exit of conveyor
  • Operational Efficiency - Vehicles are conveyed smoothly with a constant flow for continuous daily operation. Dual lane systems eliminate braking or steering issues since the vehicles are carried on the conveyor
  • Park or Neutral Conveying - Dual lane systems convey vehicles in Park or Neutral. Pushers are required for Neutral. Single lane systems convey vehicles in Neutral
  • Prevents Tire Damage - Tires are carried on the conveyor, reducing and/or eliminating any need for contact with tire sidewalls
  • Productivity Improvement - Ease of vehicle loading, reduced maintenance and dependable performance eliminate costly down time and increase vehicle count
  • Reduced Maintenance - Plastic chain slides on stainless stell slider bed with only load dependent drive and idler shafts rotating. Take-up devices are eliminated
  • Safe Operating Environment - Plastic chain is easy to work with and will not corrode. Flat surface equal with floor height provides safe walk area